Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creative Design House, For Young Couples

1. Houses with a combination of type All in One.
Consider the design and lay-out houses below. Starting from the bedroom, den, dining room to kitchen, toilet and bike into one. Design by Steven
2. Houses Garage.
This means that the car garage transformed into a home, place of residence. Owned by Michelle de la Vega. This chick is craving for his unique home design that is more beautiful than ordinary houses. Inside the garage of this house there are elements of a standard house even more, because there also has his own design studio. Michelle is an artist and visual artist.
3. Design House Secret Space under the stairs.
A young mother managed to fulfill his dream to design a tiny house by adding a special room for children. Located as shown in the photo below, located under the stairs. Similar to the stories of old movies, but this one the way home if we lift the bottom of the stairs, then there was a hidden room. Hmm ... pretty ... 

for more information about this design type, you can find at free design site.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to be Creative

If you have some hobbies, may be design is one of your hobby that can make you fun. Really? mmm... some people allow their feeling to make fun for himself.